Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Story mory ...

Huhhuu..it's been a long time since i'm doing my blogging activity... i'm too busy with my L.I and have no time to updating my blog... BUT actually it's not lah really2 busy like what you imagine...only on certain time i   get busy and most of the time i'm wasted it with sitting and doing nothing..and rite now also i'm doing nothing in this office..waaalaaa..is this called practical??...Only one thing i like sitting in this office is..The unlimited free wi-fi hahaaa...i can twittering,fb-ing, and blogging here hihhiiii...and just now my supervisor saw me twittering and she asked me to FOLLOW her...what the tutt..how can i refuse hahaa..i need to be careful after this..DON'T post something related to work huhhh...
Christmas is near and i'cant wait to go back to my hometown...Living alone here really teach me a lesson...before this i really want this L.I..but now i realize one thing...without your best friends, all is NOT BEST and BORING... i started to miss my bestie and my family...but i don't want to regret it..it just make me unhappy living here...i'll try to live happily here and endure it...Just a few more month before i finish this L.I , then i can back to UPM and meet my best,best friends there..... After that, i'll go on my long long vacation at home...tanam anggur.... BUT Just because i complaint a lot..doesn't mean i gain nothing here..a lot thing i've learn from this L.I ..actually it's a great experience...thanks to UPM because giving us a chance to undergo this internship...Here i learn how to work with different age of people, be a real salesperson,involve in promotion and many more..i can related what i learn previously at UPM with the current internship i doing now..quite regretful because before this i just study for exam hahaa.....

The best thing i have gone through here is..meet with my kecik molek and amoi bestfriend, Chien and Jess...spend the whole day at Kuching with them is not enough...can't wait for another outing with them next year...huhuuu.....and we plan to watch Paranormal Activity 4 this Jan... XD

snap,snap with Jes..

our Aki...nang 100% sama hahaa

Our movie..Coming soon hahaa

We made the same keychain

Me and Chien at waterfront Kuching

Before the movie...

Gonna watching Twilight Saga Braking Dawn Part 2..

big Christmas tree at the Cinema

Aki mencacatkan gambar..

Funny face of aki...

Well i guess i should end here...i have some job to do....bu byee...till we meet again.. MERRY CHRISTMAS~

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