Sunday, 11 May 2014

Happy Mother Day

Special for the greatest woman I call Mak,

Thank you for coming into our life,
Thank because you share your love with us,
Thank you because you filled the emptiness in our family,
Thank you for become a dad lover and be our mak,
Thank you for give birth a little brother to us, that brighten our family each day,
You wake up early in the morning preparing us before school,
You sent my siblings for school registered every year,
You care for us when the real one, not even take a look on us,
You teach me cook, when I don’t know how,
You be there when we sick,
You did a lot, until we don’t know how to repay,
Even we not get along well at first, but as the time pass by, our relationship grow stronger,
You prove that, the Cinderella story doesn’t exist,
What I know is, God sent us a gift, called mom,
Yes, I love you more than the real ones and I want you to 
always be my mom…..
Happy Mother Day…….
Wish that I’m at home right now, and celebrate it together with you….

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

PGA Camp Great Experience Ever

Hola blogger,
I'm back with new entry...after a long time i'm update nothing in here...thanks for being my loyal readers hohooho......
Recently, i've joined a camp, Pasukan Gerakan Am camp, which is compulsary for us who joined SUKSIS,what is SUKSIS?? It is Kor Sukarelawan Polis Siswa Siswi, like police club in university..that gives 3 years training for student who joined it. The advantage in joining SUKSIS is, we can apply for S.I position after graduate dan diberi kelonggaran dari segi latihan, beside we got elaun and hostel for 3 years ... Berkawad, berpanas itu biasa sudah...immune sudah dgn panas2 tu.....
A week in PULAPOL Kuching was a memorable moment, filled with tough experience and great knowledge...."tukar langkah lari', kedudukan pamping siap" "grenade" "down", latihan tambahan 45 minit....a phrase that make all of us traumatize....penat bukan main kalau disuruh buat benda tu, x perlu pegi gym lagi kalau mau tambah stamina, tiap hari buat ni dengan larian 2.4 konfem muscle berketul-ketul hahaaa. Being a police not easy huh....need a strong physical and great resistance of, for those who really ambitious in being a police officer, prepare early, increase your fitness and stamina......

            A few capture before off to PULAPOL, after that we quarantined from phone for a weeks....

First day, we go to jungle, looking for the woods for making our own "5 stars" hotel..khemah yang paling manang......First time buat khemah sendiri, nasib jurulatih tolong, kalau tak, memang payah mau berdiri.....menangis ketawa saya buat hahahaa...

This is what i called "5 star"  lah sangat
di sini lah kami tidur, selama 6 malam, menjamu selera para nyamuk2...

Yang comel ni khemah saya...sebenarnya cantik, tapi masuk hari ke 6 hancusss sudah hahaaa

Second day, kami belajar Ilmu medan perang...belajar beberapa jenis pergerakan...berjalan, berlari bongkok, berguling, belajar merangkak-rangkak..rangkak cicak dan rangkak bayi lah paling manang....

Si kawan-kawan sedang merangkak-rangkak..mau pegi Lahad Datu ni kunun....


Muka bahagia lepas merangkak-merangkak

On third day we go to jungle ...merentas desa...esoknya Kompas Game....cari cek point guna kompas.....And as the result, my team got Juara...from the back, because we lost and cannot find our last checkpoint... what a day hahahaa... In the evening, we done the Inokulasi....merangkak-merangkak bawah dawai berduri dan terowong beserta bunyi bom dan tembakan.....

Exhausted face after "Merentas desa"

Kumpulan enam yang Juara dari belakang.....

Peace yooo....


Yeayyyy sukses!!!

Fifth day, we done the repelling activity..First experience was awesome, if given another chance, i wanna try doing repelling on tower.....we must dare to challenge our self right???

Last day, was the toughest activity...Rentas Halangan
We done it by group and must go through 10 obstacles, before reach the end.....Every obstacles is challenging.....and no matter what we must cross every obstacles......

Palang monyet
Merangkak dalam lumpur

Salah satu halangan yang perlu dipanjat

 Sementara menunggu giliran 

memanjat tembok

Finally, malam ke-6, Malam Mesra
Makan-makan, sambil karaoke dan joget-joget bersama skuad dan jurulatih....
Hari terakhir, sesi penyampaian sijil dan hadiah...maka selesai lah kem PGA Skuad 9 Kor Suksis Unimas.... Still a lot to be told, need ...let's the memories remain in our heart and mind..Overall, this camp is my best camp ever........Sayang Skuad 9.....

Bersama Jurulatih-Cik Albert

Begambar-gambar sebelum balik

Sampai di sini entry kali ini...segala kesalahan penggunaan tatabahasa, grammar dan bahasa rojak minta jangan dibetulkan...ini blog saya bukan Assignment BM ok hahhaaa...Sekian, arigatou gozaimasu!!!!!

Monday, 9 December 2013

Current Life.....

              Hola readers....... Oyasumi nasai... genki desuka?nani o, bangohan o tabemashitaka?
ohohoo...berjepung sekejap hihiihi...

Its been a long, long, long time since i'm updated this blog....almost 1 year a lots of story remain untold.......sshhhhh,some are confidential, rahsia kerajaan hihihhii..... I know my former friends wondering where i'm now..what i'm doing? where am i? for sure i'm here, still on this earth, still living and breathing, thanks God i'm alive....hohohhoo...

Now i'm officially Unimas no gakusei desu (I'm Unimas student).... continue my degree in Business Admin (marketing) course..... and currently struggling with my never finished assignment...and preparing myself for coming final exam.... Good thing here, i met with new friends and be more independent... since i have to survive and adapted with my new uni environment.....Big university is different from my former uni... Seriously, i miss UPMKB and all my diploma friends...... miss, miss, miss them a lot.. luckily my roommate enter the same uni with we still can met.... :D and also I’m taking language subject (Japanese), which I really wish before, but now I realize that it's quite difficult and need a continues effort ..It’s fun if NO EXAM and ASSESSMENT.... Gambate to myself yeahhhh... still a long way to go and 3 more years as a student....... Hope that i can go through all this coming year, smoothly...No Repeat and most important ...finish my degree on time... wish me luck!!  

EXPLoRe The Pusak City

Beach time

Beach selfie
My housemate enjoying their "waterfall time"

Captured the night view in Taman Sahabat

Enjoy the sea view

Lamp model hahaaa

sumil sik kamek hihihihhi...

We are Suksis Skuad 9...

No caption

Matang Family park

Funny capture behind...

My roomate.. Nin san 

Christmas mode is on...Merry Christmas
Lastly , Merry Christmas to Christian all over the world... Let's celebrate our Jesus Christ born day......lets joy and worship our Lord.


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Story mory ...'s been a long time since i'm doing my blogging activity... i'm too busy with my L.I and have no time to updating my blog... BUT actually it's not lah really2 busy like what you imagine...only on certain time i   get busy and most of the time i'm wasted it with sitting and doing nothing..and rite now also i'm doing nothing in this this called practical??...Only one thing i like sitting in this office is..The unlimited free wi-fi hahaaa...i can twittering,fb-ing, and blogging here hihhiiii...and just now my supervisor saw me twittering and she asked me to FOLLOW her...what the can i refuse hahaa..i need to be careful after this..DON'T post something related to work huhhh...
Christmas is near and i'cant wait to go back to my hometown...Living alone here really teach me a lesson...before this i really want this L.I..but now i realize one thing...without your best friends, all is NOT BEST and BORING... i started to miss my bestie and my family...but i don't want to regret just make me unhappy living here...i'll try to live happily here and endure it...Just a few more month before i finish this L.I , then i can back to UPM and meet my best,best friends there..... After that, i'll go on my long long vacation at home...tanam anggur.... BUT Just because i complaint a lot..doesn't mean i gain nothing here..a lot thing i've learn from this L.I ..actually it's a great experience...thanks to UPM because giving us a chance to undergo this internship...Here i learn how to work with different age of people, be a real salesperson,involve in promotion and many more..i can related what i learn previously at UPM with the current internship i doing now..quite regretful because before this i just study for exam hahaa.....

The best thing i have gone through here with my kecik molek and amoi bestfriend, Chien and Jess...spend the whole day at Kuching with them is not enough...can't wait for another outing with them next year...huhuuu.....and we plan to watch Paranormal Activity 4 this Jan... XD

snap,snap with Jes..

our Aki...nang 100% sama hahaa

Our movie..Coming soon hahaa

We made the same keychain

Me and Chien at waterfront Kuching

Before the movie...

Gonna watching Twilight Saga Braking Dawn Part 2..

big Christmas tree at the Cinema

Aki mencacatkan gambar..

Funny face of aki...

Well i guess i should end here...i have some job to do....bu byee...till we meet again.. MERRY CHRISTMAS~