Sunday, 11 May 2014

Happy Mother Day

Special for the greatest woman I call Mak,

Thank you for coming into our life,
Thank because you share your love with us,
Thank you because you filled the emptiness in our family,
Thank you for become a dad lover and be our mak,
Thank you for give birth a little brother to us, that brighten our family each day,
You wake up early in the morning preparing us before school,
You sent my siblings for school registered every year,
You care for us when the real one, not even take a look on us,
You teach me cook, when I don’t know how,
You be there when we sick,
You did a lot, until we don’t know how to repay,
Even we not get along well at first, but as the time pass by, our relationship grow stronger,
You prove that, the Cinderella story doesn’t exist,
What I know is, God sent us a gift, called mom,
Yes, I love you more than the real ones and I want you to 
always be my mom…..
Happy Mother Day…….
Wish that I’m at home right now, and celebrate it together with you….

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