Monday, 13 February 2012

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I hope for something
    I lean for nothing
I want understanding
    But i just can't say it loud

Gudnite people, currently i'm doing my assignment is still under construction since many weeks before.....and now i try to finished it....Its  late already, but this blog like calling me to drop here for a while......Today is 13th February and a few minute later will be 14th.....yeahh...everyone know it, its Valentine excitement for love couple and a frustration for a single one......I log in my fb..and scroll down and up on my fb many feed back about valentine....the single one said" urrmm Valentine this year is nothing"
, "Valentine is meaningless"......and for those who has couple will post something like this "can't wait for Valentine".....and start their jiwang besi bekarat statement.......and Still not least people that curse about Valentine.....its fine for me if some people which not celebrate Valentine want to post something, to show that they not celebrate valentine...But PLEASE, please do respect other religion. Its really annoying and unreasonable when some people always post something negative about Valentine and relate it Christian....Come on guys, open up your mind......explore for information and understanding before you post something about other religion.....DON'T post something when you not sure about the truth....

And for single people..Valentine not only can celebrate with your couple, but you still can celebrate it with your friends and family......even for me, every year Valentine is the same....but still i want to enjoy its with my friends...Single doesn't mean that no one love and care about you..remember that, we still have God in our life..His love is more last forever than others....... "Be joy and have fun....Happy Valentine Day"

p/s: That poem is nothing, ignore just some arrangement of words that crossed on my mind...heehe XD

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